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Product information
The VP Flow Scope M is a 3 in 1 flow meter in compressed air and gas systems. It can measure flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously in a single unit. Unlike traditional flow meters, the VP Flow Scope M does not need to be sent back for re-calibration as the VP Flow Scope M includes a signal converter. And the sensor core for measuring flow rate If calibration is required, only the sensor axis can be removed for calibration.

Outstanding Features
- Principle: ThermabridgeTM technology
- Bi-directional flow
- 3 in 1 sensor: measure temperature, flow rate and pressure (Temp / Flow / pressure)
- System Applications: Air, Nitrogen, Carbon, Deoxine, Argon, Dry and Non-Corrosive Gases
- Flow rate measurement range 0 (0.5) ... 150 mn / sec.
- Temperature measurement range 0 ... +60 ° C | 32 ... +140 ° F
- Pressure measurement range 0 ... 10 bar | 0… 145 psi gage.
- The measured value is in m3n / hr (cubic meter per hour). At 1 bar pressure condition Temperature 0 ° C
The sensor is small, compact and lightweight, can be ordered as a spare sensor when calibration is due.
- Output signal: Ethernet (Modbus / TCP), RS485 (Modbus RTU), 4 ... 20 mA.
- Connection: Ethernet, USB, WiFi (Option) Bi-directional sensor (Option)
- Displayed through a color screen with various indicators
- Can display 3 measurement parameters at the same time: flow, velocity, pressure and temperature
- With Alarm LED Status
- VPSensorCartridge®: internationally calibrated
- Record data for up to 6 months (every 1 second)
- Protection class IP65 | NEMA 4 when mated to transmitter
- CE Standards: EN 60950-1, EN 61326-1, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61326-1

- Detect leakage of compressed air system (Air Audit) as well as monitor leaks in the system.
- Cost allocation


VP Flow Scope M เครื่องวัดอัตราการไหลแบบ 3 in 1

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