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Automatic drain device No loss of compressed air High quality from Germany

Ø Support air volume 8 - 3,400 M3 / Min

Ø Support starting pressure 16 Bar

Ø Support pressure up to 25 Bar (BEKOMAT 14 CO PN25)

Ø Maximum pressure support 63 Bar (BEKOMAT 12 CO PN63)

Ø Suitable for all types of air compressors, air dryers, compressed air hoppers,

Compressed air filter

Ø Condensate anti-corrosion coating

Ø High-precision level sensor Only work when there is water

Ø No loss of compressed air Energy saving

BEKOMAT® 13, 31, 32 Autodrain สำหรับปั๊มลม, Dryer แรงดัน 0.8 - 63 Bar

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